One Night in Karazhan – New Heathstone Adventure

One night in Karazhan Title

One Night in Karazhan – The new Hearthstone Adventure

One Night in Karazhan will be the new Hearthstone adventure! The big party, an amusement, a spectacular event. Gather your cards and be a part of it.

The new adventure will bring 45 new cards to the table. A player will be able to gather those cards, by defeating bosses and make his or her way trough four wings of massive party. As in the last adventures, class quests will also be available for those who want their specific class cards.

One Night in Karazhan’s new Board

Medivh’s party will also feature a brand new board to play on.

one night in Karazhan new hearthstone board

Preview of the First Seven Cards

Furthermore we have gathered a little preview of the first seven cards which have been announced.

One night in Karazhan new card - Barnes
The first Legendary to see is Barnes with his unique ability to summon a 1/1 copy of a random minion in your deck.
One night in Karazhan new card - the Curator
The Curator with his ability to draw a Beast, Dragon and Murloc from your deck.
Ethereal Peddler and his ability to reduce the cost of cards in your hand from other classes by (2)
One night in karazahn new card - firelands portal
Firelands Portal as the first spell and the ability to deal 5 damage and summon a random 5-Cost minion.
One night in karazahn new card - Kindly Grandmother
The Kindly Grandmother which on death summons a 3/2 Big Bad Wolf.
One night in karazahn new card - Ivory Knight
The Ivory Knight from Karazahn’s popular chess game with the ability to discover a spell and restore health to your hero equal to its Cost.
One night in karazhan new card - Enchanted Raven
The Enchanted Raven with no special ability.

Silverware Golem – The First Boss

You can get a preview of the first boss, the Silverware Golem here

The first wing of Karazhan will open on August the 11th and the other wings will open periodically one by one each week. There will also be a special promotion quest for the ones who do not plan on buying the adventure, which will put you in the role of Medivh and unlock two new cards.

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