Animated Neon Lights Stream Bundle


Neon Lights Stream Bundle


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The Neon Light stream bundle will make your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream a real Highlight. Bring your viewers into a glorious night club vibe and chill to the flickering neon lights.

Our Stream Bundles give you a quick start with matching art for your channel. High quality and unique animations will give you the cutting edge.

DUE TO THEIR SIZE, ALERT FILES ARE NOT INCLUDED AND ONLY AVAILABLE VIA STREAMLABS INSTALLATION. If you need the single alert files for Streamelements or something else, let us know via email.

Resolution: made for 1920 x 1080 or higher
Format: PNG/JPG/WebM/Overlay

Animated Screens, Webcam Overlay and In-game Overlay:

The Neon Lights stream bundle will catapult your stream into a neon themed Night Club with a comedy club styled vibe. The stream bundle includes everything you need to quickstart your own Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream. The Neon Lights style is a very popular stream theme and can be used for games as well as just chatting. We handcrafted every tube within Blender with a sharp eye on details and realism.

The Neon Lights stream bundle is inspired by night clubs, night life and comedy clubs as well as bars which often use neon signs to display goods or services. The Stream Bundles contains everything you need to start off your stream. We have prepared every tube for you and are ready to ignite. If you are using Streamlabs OBS you can just import the overlay file and install the alerts with the link in the Readme-file.

The Neon Lights bundle contains Stream Alerts, Stream Overlay, Stream Screens (Offline-, Ending-, Intermission-, Starting- and Pause-Screen) and a screen transition.

2 reviews for Neon Lights Stream Bundle

Abby (verified owner)

This overlay pack is awesome! Really high quality and easy to set up. I’m using it with OBS Studio and Streamlabs alerts for my Twitch DJ stream.

Beersy (verified owner)

Loved this overlay pack! Was looking for something new for my setup, and everything worked in Streamelements as well! Highly recommended!

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Some Extra Information

Ancient / Futuristic

Let the Neon Shine.

The Neon Light stream bundle is made with Blender and After Effects. We aimed for a more realistic feeling then in our other bundles. The animated Neon Lights bundle is a must have for every Neon lover out there. The Neon lights together with the harsh brick wall gives an awesome contrast. TheNeon Lights design is also included in Streamlabs Prime.

Animated Stream Bundle.

Our Animated stream bundles contain everything you need to set up your stream from 0 to perfect. The Animated Neon Lights stream bundle includes animated stream screens, animated stream alerts, animated webcam overlays, twitch panels and an exclusive stream labels ingame overlay to present your top or most recent supporters.

Files come in different resolutions and are made to work with Streamlabs.

Includes .overlay file for Streamlabs OBS and widget installation link to import the alerts into streamlabs.

This bundle includes the screen package, animated alerts, stream panels, webcam overlay and an exclusive in-game stream label overlay.