How to use Twitch Panels

Twitch Panels Introduction

Twitch Panels or Streaming Panels are small pictures used by streamers to spread information about themselfes and their stream. The Twitch Panels are displayed below the respective stream and make it possible to present the information about the streamer and his stream in a stylish, clear and attention attracting way. These days our Twitch Panels include at least 15 different panels and a seperate empty panel for your own stamps and texts.

We craft our Stream Panels with state oft he art software like Photoshop and Illustrator. They are in PNG-Format and have a transparent background, which makes them perfect to use within your Twitch-Channel or Mixer.

What makes Twitch Panels so important?

With our Twitch Panels you have the opportunity to stand out from the gray crowd. Use them to highlight your interests, your schedule and all the other important aspects of you


Twitch Panels make a Stream unique and add a very high factor of recognizability to he streamers channel.


Twitch Panels give the Viewer the possibility to specifically probe for information about the streamer and the stream.


Stream Panels add a professional touch to a channel and lend it credibility it deserves.

This is how you use our Stream Panels:

The very first thing that you need is a Twitch Account. You should already have one or you probably would not be here. When you log in tot he website, you should be able to access your channel via a click onto your profile picture in the top right corner oft he page. Click your profile picture and then click onto ‘Channel‘to get to your channel.

If you scroll down a little you’ll see the section where your Twitch Panels are located. If you don’t have any panels yet, the area should be empty and is waiting for you to fill it with fresh panels and information about yourself and your stream.

With one click onto ‚edit panels‘ you’ll open another view where you can add/delete or edit your Twitch Panels. You also can install and uninstall very useful (some more then others) Twitch extensions. The Stream Panel need to have a width of 320px but can vary in height. Our Twitch Panels are of course made to fit this specifications and can therefore be used without any problems.

A click onto the grey area with the Plus-Icon is enough to open a new window where you will be asked if you want to add a Text or Image Panel, this is exactly what we want. Choose this option and you will be able to upload one of our Twitch Panels with the ‚Add Image‘ button. (Pro hint: Do not use a Panel Title, instead leave the Panel shine for itself)

Additionally you can add links to external pages to your Twitch Panels. This feature enables you, to send your viewers directly onto for example your own website, your favorite donation service or your merchandise shop with just one click on one of your panels.

Become an Affiliate

Another useful tip from us: If you would like to earn some extra coin on the side, it is always worth to create an Amazon Affiliate Account, more infofmation here. (We currently work on an affiliate program as well and you’ll soon be able to earn some money by referring people to our site.)
As an Amazon Affiliate you can for example link your hardware to amazon and earn a nice commission for every purchase your referred customer makes.

Here are some examples of our best sold Twitch Panels

Hexagonal Stream Panels

The strong colors give our Hexagonal Streaming Panels a really strong attraction and make them an eye catcher for every twitch channel.

Tempered Steel Twitch Panels

Like the Hexagonal Stream Panels, the Tempered Steel Stream Panels are in very bright and vibrant colors. They also include a dark blue which creates a stunning contrast.

Valorant Twitch Panels

Our Valorant Twitch Panels are a very good example that you can very much use Twitch Panels which are designed for one game or in the style of a certain game. This contributes tot he immersion oft he viewers and gives credibility.

How do I choose the right Twitch Panels?

You can decide which Twitch Panels are the right ones for your channel based on a few objective criteria, such as color, flair and appearance. When the rest of your stream, like your Stream Overlay, is mainly in blue, it often makes sense to use blue twitch panels.

Here is a small list of our favorite Stream Panel colors:

Red, green, purple, blue, orange

If it is all about the flair, every streamer needs to think about it himself and figure out how he wants to be seen by other people. Do you want to look modern and fresh or maybe cute and playful? Nearly everything is possible and the effect that good Twitch Panels have on the viewer should not be underestimated.

Free Twitch Panels on

Because we want to make everyone happy with our Stream Panels, we even got some free Twitch Panels for you. The free Twitch Panels are a variation of our ‘Flat Stream Panels’ which contain the small text ‘powered by’. Other free versions and colors are still being planned.

The free Flat Stream Panels can be downloaded here.

We hope we could spark your interest in new or maybe even your first Twitch Panels. To find the right panels for your channel is not easy and they will not always fit a 100% to your style or your needs but we are here for you and you can contact us at any time. When you need something changed or maybe get stuck on something, do not hesitate to write us an email.

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